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PlA typical of South America, widely used in Uruguay and argentina for the barbecue barbeque anus of meat.

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Construction barbecue Uruguayan (Plane)

South American countries and especially in Argentina and Uruguay are often enjoy grilling stockings beef cattle, lambs and entire piglets, special barbecue where able to organize for their cooking meats are built by this.

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In this manual describe step-by-step how are built BBQ this type pay attention to the tic in blue are important to keep in mind if you're your who undertake the construction project.


We will make a barbecue of 1.94 m wide by 2.5 high in its lower part 2.8 + the shot of the fireplace and 84 cm in depth. If you find difficulties for map don't despair further ahead you will find measures accompanied by photos of the grid bricks-the duct smoke must be of a considerable height for wet days or windy this is integrated into the atmosphere easily, similarly this Grill type must have a protective cap or hat in his fireplace to avoid in the days of rain water, turn off the heat or wet flesh. We recommend installing a Mayan anti Sparks to prevent accidents in urban areas-it covers fire danger is often why

The floor and walls must be as a mark in the drawing a wall of bricks of singing, in order to avoid deterioration by the action of the fire, especially in the corner where the burner was installed this will prevent that walls adjoining it curling must be special constriction is lined in a neighboring House so annoying transmission of heat in summer.

cut floor

Level but above the place where the burner, just above the duct smoke should be is located although this can vary if the shot of the BBQ is good and install it on the anterior to the duct is better note.


Thus achieves an effect of radiation produced by the only single smoke produced by these barbecues which speeds up the cooking process and improves the smoked; but should be aware that wood should be quality and can only be added meat once the campfire does not dismiss traces of soot and other dirty particles.-

A in these pages we will discover more details and us will accompany construction work of a grill in the yard with pictures and descriptive tics more...

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Drawings of grills

plane For the construction of a barbecue, it is necessary to take into account certain relationships that will make that roasting meat does not turn into a nightmare of smoke and withstand scorching heat. Grill design should also be taken into account before starting the project in response to conditions many times we are going to use the barbecue roast because life it will have as a condition of use materials appropriate to the use they intend it, is not the same a barbecue that glows in the birthday and new year than a barbecue that is used in a meat-restaurant.-


Materials for construction

This work does not demand a major economic effort if we come up with is to develop it, cost will be restricted to those who want to join our barbecue in regards to burner Grill citikt and in particular the frequency with which will use it, because ticket if only we will use it a few times a year we can greatly reduce your cost of construction using in their armor electro-weld Mayan iron or rods of smaller diameter thus fatigue caused by the fire will be minor.-

500 bricks, 3 sacks of cement, 2 sacks of hydrated lime or cement bricks 8 mm 6 mm, 1 meter 2 irons irons settlement sand 1.5 meter, ground stone, 50 refractory bricks for floor you (may be common).

How to interpret the dimensions drawings

dimensions As interpreted dimensions drawing many times us minimim our an because we cannot correctly interpret the drawing, ticket you not discouraged why is very simple and also uses always your instinct drawings make an architect that the only thing you want is the aesthetic and good functionality but walks that engineering does not understand or garlic, but you seem them interested to do something that lasts more than the Egyptian pyramids. Remember using your common sense and you will not have problems. Where you see a line always this other flows through and is from the first following court where the action is marked segment. When you see a square and numbers in the these concern Centrer thickness of concrete bottom and right sides distance between irons and in the upper left corner iron diameters use.-

Uruguayan construction grid

barbacueHandbook One of the challenges more important in designing a BBQ is place to deal with smoke. If a few bricks a fireplace and a grill is not build a grill. In that then think in as evacuate him smoke is very important for this must be considered and classified in three rooms smoke produced by calls is very warm and rises rapidly, the the fathoms below which is most cold and thus costing more upload shot and finally descending by effect of humidity, cold or excessive for this is important wind consider appropriate shooting relationships and have a burner Grill high force cold smoke extraction...

construction dimensions

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We thank us relates your experience in the solution, if you request to receive drawings by mail test you can collaborate with this cashiers project photos and anecdotes.


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